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Structure of the WC

Policy Committee
The Policy Committee is the principal deliberating and decision-making body of the Washington Circle.  Members convene monthly via conference call and meet semi-annually to review progress in the development and dissemination of Washington Circle measures, and to chart new directions and activities.  The Standing Workgroups, Developing Measures workgroups and the Liaisons report to the Policy Committee on the progress and issues in their work.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is a smaller group of Washington Circle members who are available for more immediate, time-sensitive decision-making (e.g., the consideration of an opportunity to present the WC’s work at a national conference; the review of minor changes in specification of WC-developed measures by an organization adopting the measures.)  The Executive Committee reports on its work to the Policy Committee at the earliest possible time for the consideration of the issue by the full committee.

Given the ongoing interest in the work of the Washington Circle by accrediting, research, funding and performance measurement organizations, some Policy Committee members also function as liaisons to particular institutions and organizations, to facilitate the dialogue, move the work along, and provide the WC and the collegial institution with ready access for emerging issues.


The organization and structure of the Washington Circle is shown below.