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The Washington Circle has always believed that its contribution to performance measurement and improving the quality and outcomes of substance abuse services is best achieved by presenting its work in public forums and peer-reviewed journals.  Its members believe in the value and necessity of performance measurement in improving care, and voluntarily devote their time and expertise to the WC’s mission.  They have published and presented the work of the WC in journals and national conferences.  Others have also used the WC measures specifications in their studies, and have presented the results in public forums.  This work is presented here to enrich the dialogue on the role of performance measurement, and the WC measures, to improving the quality and outcomes of care.


Two Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment articles discuss feasibility of Washington Circle performance measures for public sector substance abuse treatment systems(Deborah Garnick, Ph.D. et al)and record linking methodology for public datasets in substance abuse, arrest and deaths (Kevin Campbell, DrPH).