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Recovery Management Services

In the past five to ten years, significant clinical research literature about addictions as a chronic illness has identified the need for continuing care or recovery management services – services that may be initiated during treatment but extend beyond discharge to support individuals’ recovery as they resume lives in the community. Recovery management services also highlight the increasing need for financing of recovery support services in the treatment of chemical dependence.  Research into recovery management services has yielded promising results, although much remains to be learned about the intensity and duration of continuing services that adequately support recovery following acute treatment.  The WC has assigned a Task Group to study the issue and to take initial steps in developing and specifying a potential measure. More. While research continues into the length, intensity, and financing of continuing care and the use of recovery support services to help maintain the gains made in acute treatment, the WC is interested in providing the impetus for financing and implementing these services. The creation of a measure(s) of continuing care following acute treatment as part of a “continuum of recovery” is one way the WC can serve as a catalyst for change.